haih !! ..sbr je la

cm ne nk start ek ..

hm .. does in your heart still left pieces of love for me??

although i'm still new in your life

at least give me a hope or something that i'll never lose your love

i really hoping that we can be together

but when ??

if you are not ready yet

atleast your realationship with that guy......ergh!!!

phm2 je la sndri ye..

hm ... BILE ?? BILE ?? BILE??

lg 1 ..suke buat org risau kn ??

kalo bz pon plg tidak pon msj then ckp bz la gemok !!

haha ..xdela org risau .. :p

geram ngan kau la..

rase nk tmbuk2 je ..

hhee...ibu kamu pon same

buat cuak je td..

ingatkn nk tnye ape la td

mcm2 dh terpikir

ape aku dh buat ??

ape slh aku ??

haha ..

rupenya pasl anti virus je kot n brosur tu ..

btw thats the first time i met someone mother's


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