How To Follow My Blog

First of all , sign in with your gmail account ..check

Then copy the blog url..check

Next,click at your dashboard..check

Click "ADD" button..check

huish .. huh.. sneezing first..check

ok back to it..check

Then paste the url at the box..check

Last but not least said thank you ALLAH..check

ok now about my status update <3

SPM is now begin and I think I'm not totally ready for it ..many challange that i faced before 23/11/2010 totally make me sick of her behaviour ..why she did it to me?ok..back to the story .. the first week of the examination was totally fun because those paper i think i can get an A's for them .. what about next week paper??ohh ohh i dont want to think about them .. this monday is mathematics paper will be amazing!!yeah!!i love them idea la .. bye ...haha

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