omg omg!! wtf

starting good at 23/11 with my first paper..still good till 29/11 ..

oh, i really appreciate the examination test paper maker for bm ,english ,math, sejarah and agama....

hm..probably..dont know what the result would come be..ohh ohh,so scared new motorcycle dreamt all the time when i'm struggle for my paper ..

but there's some shit happen on 30/11 ..ohh my leg ..there's some hard piece of shit on my leg .. the story begins with once upon a my way to back from school ..a car ......ergh!!shit....he just drove away..fuck! scared probably .. i'm at home ..just now i just take my paper at the hosp ..and there's some of human ..her name is ****** ..

oh,nevermind if she doesn't trust me..i knew it from the beginning of our met..then , she never trust me at all kamu la..2 je kot..

ohh ohh next week hbes exam..yeah!! i'll update my blog after my last paper okay..bye <3

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