its over :)

on the 8th of december everythings over .. but not at all ..there's a lot need to be done in future ..but in this mean while time it's over ..olla ..

SPM is over ..

now i need to face new challenger with the new challenge last paper is BIOLOGY ..ohh ..

i think i had missunderstood the question ..i guest .. :( ..

the most paper that i'm scared is CHEMISTRY paper ..ouhh,it was really make my brain just want to explode ..

well i'm not like those who said CHEMISTRY was easy ..olla,come to the part where i'm sitting my test ..i was placed at last place on the first column ..i'm glad to sit there because i can watch every movement of the class..

sometimes it was really funny to see them who seriously answer the paper and the person who are weak in their personal study record ..but they still courage themself to grab what they dreamed ..chaiyok chaiyok !! ..

on the last paper ,haha ..i brought my phone into the examination hall ..naughty huh ..and the best snapshot is one of the prefect was fall asleep..haha...there's more shot i have taken but only a few i can show it here ..ok ..

that's it for now ..happy go lucky !!

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