I'm Sick

All this just a game for you, not a trully love ..this is what you called love ? ..i'm sick of our childplay married game,its always the same ,u kept ask for it ..

until now ,i had count it about 21 times ..do you realise that i'm only guy that can be patient with that game ,i guess ..
i dont know if there's any guy would to endure of your behaviour ..realist that please ..i'm not to be proud bcause i can to endure your behaviour but i really love you,thats why i bear this feeling .
.yeah, i know you're hotstuff/glam and blablabla ..many guy like to disturb when you were out as you tell me,you can get any guy in any time but u never think my feeling when u ask for separation ..
you just think this relationship will last ever longer because i'll always accept you even how many time you ask for it .
.i'm just guessing what are you thinking about me ..yesterday nite ,i was totally really really miss you .
.i cried why you act like this and why you do this to me ..i cried ..my past history,.i never cried when i'm broke with her ..just a sad feeling but when with you .i'm changed ..i dont know why am
i crying for a gurl that hate me so much ..most of people will not believe a guy with this "poyo" face can cry for a girl ..but wo i care ..i'm really love you eventhough you didnt ever start to love me .
.i really hope you come back to me ..:'( ..but i know it cant be ,maybe you already have someone new ..i really miss you..
from the date 11/12 on the night,every nite i cried, i really miss you ..that nite i try to coax you ,i really miss you,i want to ask you where you've been,are you already back from bukit merah or not,how are you doing,i want to ask everything but with just a missunderstood communication,you changed the situation ..
again,i'm the person who be the victim ..I'm a human too, i have heart and feeling but since i'm with you,i neglect them ,i kept them inside because i dont want you sulky and mad at me even the problem were come from your behaviour ..
but you still never changed ..i dont want to mad at you because i know you are touchy person,yes i admit too i'm touchy person but i never do a ridiculous thing when i'm mad with you rite ??but you ?until when ?until i'm gone then u'll changed and realise my action?
I always want to ask you what were you going to do if i didnt text you,call and blablabla in a long period of time ..
in the truth,i'm dead at that time,i couldnt able to tell you my condition ..for sure i think you will thought i didnt love you anymore, i didnt love you or blablabla ..
i know your attitude,every problem comes and i ask for a discussion but the end it will turn back to me,its always like that,its always i'm the victim,its always i'm fault in every matter the you have done ..
when were married with you,i really neglect my egois,anger,hurt(kecik hati),revenge and all that stuff because i know if i were mad at you for sure you will ask for separation .. i'm really heartbroken with you but i still love you gile gile ..
u never appreciate the 21 chance that i've gave you ..i really need a care from you, you never askabout my leg progress,my health condition ..
but it doesnt matter, i never ask them from you,all i need a attention from you, i want you in my life and appreciate the chance that i've give you ..

**only this is the way i want to express my feeling towards you ..i hope you'll always open my blog ..bcause i dont want to mad you in texting ..

MY HOPE i want you to leave me and did not turn back to me

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