why you do this to me

i dont know why you cheat on me

i dont know why i'm fall in love with a girl who always cheat on me

just tell me the truth,you dont need to cheat and use your mom as the the strong prove

why do you do this to me ??

you know how great my love for you

you ask me to trust you

is this the way you want me to trust you after this??

please answer ..

as your word in your blog said, i also want a LOVE LOVE LOVE

but you give me a fake love with full of lying

no idea what want to say anymore

i'm really shocked what i have heard from your word this

as i arrived my home , my bed is the place where i throw out my tears

i dont know why i'm crying for you

after what you have done

i know you ALWAYS have a reason in any matter

but you dont need to cheat on me ..

UPDATED 13th DECEMBER 2010 2047

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