my first day

Huh .. I’m start working with a hope want to have a lot lot lot of money ..haha ..but with the work I’m working now I just can get enough money la for my expenses appetite

and I’d like to hang out with someone that most special in my life ever .

.when she will hang out with me huh ?? .. but it doesn’t matter ,the time will come ..adn be the happy lucky guy .

.now I’m working as a GRILLER of patty at MCDONALD mahkota parade ..haha ..

my mum said “kau kt rumah masak nasi pon xtau,cmne leh jd griller ??”haha ..but anything in this world can appear and will appear ..just wait time and place play theirs role .

.my new motorbike will come out soon ..but not as smart and expensive as yours ..just a simple motorbike as my transport to me go to work

..i’d happy to see many customer comes everyday ..and my body fatigued followed the increasing number of customer ..maybe in this coming week I’ll be transfer to the new section ..i guess ..UPDATED 21st DECEMBER 2010 2054PM

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