everything start from here

hallo hallo hallo ..everything start from here ..when i'm just a kid ..once upon a time ..HAHA

for sure some of people will not agreed and said i'm a liar for placed the photo above ..
i admit i'm a fatty boom boom when i'm a children ..

my mom said i was born with the weight 4.9kg ..as the doctor said it was a high weight of baby to born ..not only just me ..there are many more out there ..

yes ..when i'm still child i'm a chubby person ..hahaha ..
my cheek is everyone addiction ..
haha ..

but when i'm 5years old i had an accident
i was playing at the place where my father was burn rubbish
and it effect my face
and thats the story where the scar at below of my mouth appeared ..
haha .."appeared" ..wrong grammar

now i'm 17andthehalf
haha because my d.o.b didnt reached yet to make me a 18th years old teen ..

it was very differ right when i a boy and when i'm a teen??
now my body didnt like past anymore
haha ..i'm thin now and sometime if i want to say i'm LIKE a drug addicted also can ..HAHA ..hate myself now ..

thanks mum !! hope my weight and body structure will increase as many people said want to see the increasing of my body structure ..i'm hoping so ..

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