i'm post it

actually i dont have any idea my dear to write about it but i have to because that is your clause right ..**any word that you doesnt understand please look it at dictionary ==' ..**

i have many unanswered question thst i never ask you
what is your opinion about myself ??
about my appearance
what the major factor that make you looking at me??

i'm afraid that i cant be the best as you want
although i said we have chemistry but
every human have their weakness
and all them are not equally the same
they have their speciality and shortage

from the date we being a friend
i never lied to you anything
maybe i will do it in future
but i hope i will never do it
and before this i NEVER


1 - because i get you differ from me ..love doesnt mean have to be matching all the time..i want to love you just the way you are,.for me..i want you to accept me for who am i..and a differ personality of a couple make the relationship more longer and ever last longer..

2 - Because you make me feel like, like, like I have never felt before..i like beautifulities and a honour partner of life that you are giving me now..

3 - You are always there when I need you. Not that I only call you when I need you, or that I use you. But, you have an ability to see beyond my self-protective "I don't need help" stance. You see that I need help, and you are there. No questions, no expectations, no demands. Sometimes, you force me to take your help. It angers me, but I know you mean well..**nie mase suh install counterstrike kt umh ari tu** ^^

4 - You annoy me at times. But, I still long for you when you are not around. You have the ability to get to me. Your STUPID BEHAVIOUR make me smile, laugh as well as get angry. But, even when I pretend to be angry or annoyed, I know that I just want you by my side. Your company is worth all the embarrassment in the world..ilysm

5 - When you listen, I know you're really listening and not just waiting for your turn to talk.. <3

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