new update

hello hello hello .. want to share some story ..grrr(!) ..very eager today ..with my work ..there's a freshy boy at mcd ..
so tall ..haha
but he's very dummy..haha
but i understood his situation
he's still freshy

and one more guy
friend of mine
so annoying
act like he has work for a long time
but his work so slow
many product stuck because of him
serve him right
he'd been mad by many senior
haha :)

one more thing
i'm now incharge in morning session
we call it "opening"
omg .. training about 2 days
then i'll be alone open the shop
it will be upside down
tomorrow is the first day i'm alone to do that stuff
at the weekend day pulak tuh ..
huhu !!
wish me luck
i had to replace "abg zul" because
he had promoted to be a police officer

hope god bless me !!

updated 8/12/2011 2314pm
hope so

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