siswa Aniq .. haha

Hye peeps . not updated for such a long time huh . well I’m so busy here arranging and registering my future path . In a simple word , registering my matriculation academy and go through a bored orientation week ..

Now I’m a Matriculation student or in malay we called it  “Siswa Matrikulasi” .
shh ! jgn comment

However this past few days there’s are something that I dislike about this matriculation

1 – my hair had been cut

2 – the way in and out was so far , every each place is far away except for toilet at the hostel

3 – I cant make myself be a friendly person

4 – there’s lack something my daily needed stuff

5 – NO wifi signal at my room

6 – miss my family :(

7 – always cautious about insufficient of money because here we need to pay ourself for our breakfast , lunch , rest time , and dinner included the daily stuff things

8 – Lastly I miss my GEMOK so much ! L hope you take care of yourself
miss you gemok!

So there's more coming up and those are some pic for the visitor

there's my room key

ensem kn?(hehe,perasan)

Nak dijadikan cerita la kn aku update blog nie di Kolej Matrikulasi Perak 

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